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canstockphoto7855827Windows, doors, decorative walls… Our homes are comprised of more glass surfaces than we realize. Unfortunately, these spaces are not impervious to wear. Whether you’ve been hit with a big scratch or even graffiti, Great Panes / Under Pressure is proud to offer you a solution. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect from our glass restoration service:

It’s Friendly to Your Wallet

A scratched or damaged glass surface has a way of making dollar bills flash before your eyes. But restoration costs far less than a replacement. The process focuses solely on the affected area, and eliminates the need to remove and exchange the space.

It’s Convenient

Installing a new glass surface isn’t just costly, but also takes time. You have to order the replacement, get it delivered, schedule installation, and hope that everything works smoothly. Restoration is a great alternative. It’s convenient; our staff will always come to you and ensure that we align with your schedule.

It Improves the Longevity of Your Glass

Scratched, discolored, or otherwise damaged glass becomes susceptible to accelerated wear. Our team offers solutions that restore the strength of your surface… Not to mention its curb appeal.

Give your home the expert touch it deserves and call your Savannah glass restoration specialists today. Great Panes / Under Pressure is proud to offer expertise that will ensure your home is always at its best!

Written By: Brian Welker