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When your shower glass door is clean, it is actually a beautiful and relaxing thing to look at. But, keeping your shower door clean might seem like it is impossible to do because the glass keeps getting water spots and smudges on it. Most people have a hard time keeping their shower door clean and this not only affects the appearance of the shower, but also the bathroom appearance as well. With these few helpful tips, you can keep your shower door looking like new.


  1. Try to keep the glass dry

One of the most important things to remember is try to keep your shower glass dry. When you are finished showering, try to squeegee the shower door so the water is just not sitting on the door. The water will eventually dry and make water spots on your shower door. The reason why water makes marks on the shower door is because it has minerals in it that leave deposits on the glass if it is allowed to dry on the glass. Just like when people dry off their cars, we should dry off, or squeegee down our shower glass doors every time we get out of the shower.


  1. Ventilation

After you shower make sure your bathroom has is well-ventilated. Turn on the fans and open the bathroom door to let the moisture from the shower leave the bathroom. This will help with the drying process and also help with prevention of mold and mildew.


  1. Commercial Cleaners

There are a number of commercial cleaners out there to clean your shower glass door. One of them is Windex. Simply spray Windex on the shower glass door and then wipe it off with a lint free or soft cloth. This will help you remove streaks and smudges on the glass. Although I mentioned Windex, there are multiple glass cleaners out there that will do the job right.



With these three easy tips, you can find yourself a cleaner shower glass door to look at every time you walk in your bathroom!  

Written By: Brian Welker